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Functional Lab Testing

Testing is one way to obtain objective data on the health of the body. While some tests are used to specifically rule in or rule out specific pathologies, others are designed to assess how well the body is functioning and are used to direct treatment accordingly.

Naturopathic Doctors (ND's) are licensed health practitioners that can draw blood safely and order standard lab testing (blood, stool, urine, saliva) comparable to the testing a family physician can order. Lab testing requisitioned by an ND in Ontario, however, is not covered by OHIP. A separate fee structure is in place for ND-requisitioned lab tests for patients who find it more convenient to use this option versus going through a family physician.

Examples of these tests include: Iron Panel, Blood Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Thyroid Panel, Complete Blood Count, Liver Enzyme Levels, Kidney Function Testing, and Blood Glucose Testing.

                                    * It is highly recommend that patients bring copies of previous lab results to their initial appointment at the clinic in order to provide an effective health assessment earlier in the visits.

Specialized Lab Testing:

In addition to standard lab testing and in-house testing, I offer a broad selection of specialized tests to better assess digestion, hormonal imbalances and heavy metal toxicities. These include:

a) Gastrointestinal Assessments:

  • IgA Food Sensitivity Panel -96 General Foods ( Blood Strips)
  • IgG Food Sensitivity Panel-96 General Foods (Blood Strips)
  • Candida Panel

b) Hormone Assessments:

  • Female Hormone Panel (saliva)
  • Male Hormone Panel (saliva)
  • Two- point Cortisol (saliva)
  • Cortisol Curve (saliva)

c) Comprehensive Nutrient Status Assessment:

  • Fatty Acid ProfileToxin Exposure Assessments:
  • Urine Toxic Element Analysis (Pre and Post Chelation)

For more information on any of our naturopathic lab tests, please call at 604-739-2828 or 778-893-1886.

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